William Hu is a managing partner of Qiming Venture Partners. William co-leads Qiming’s practice in healthcare sector and has been closely involved with more than 20 new ventures, some of which have become public or billion dollar market cap companies. On behalf of Qiming, he invested in Tigermed(SZ: 300347), BBI Lifescience (HK: 01035), Tellgen(SZ: 300642), AmoyDx, Rendu Bio, ET Healthcare, Vinno Medical, APT Medical, Sanyou Orthopedic, Canbridge, Connect Pharma, Ark Bio, Arrail Dental, JHT Clinics, WeDoctor, Medsci Clinical, and etc.
Formerly, William served as a strategy consultant at IBM BCS, and Marketing & Sales management at several pharmaceutical companies.
William holds Bachelor of Medicine from Shanghai Medical University and MBA from ENPC SH Campus.


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