Yu Zhihua, male, born in June, 1967, Chinese nationality, the founder of Lapam Capital. Mr. Yu once worked on the reform of Chinese state - owned enterprises and tax reform for many years in the Chinese Ministry of Finance. I served as vice president and Chief Financial Officer of Golden Century, Putian Huixun, Beat Technology and the managing director of Hina Group. Now i is worked as the founder and managing partner of Lapam Capital.
Learning and Working Experience:
1986年~1990年,Renmin University of China, Department of Finance, Bachelor’s Degree in Economics;
1998年~2000年,George Wshington University, Master’s Degree in Revenue and Mater of Business Administration;
1990年~1997年,Chinese Ministry of Finance, Principal Staff Member;
2001年~2002年,Beat Technology, Chief Financial Officer;
2002年~2003年,Putian Huixun, Vice President;
2003年~2007年,Golden Century Beijing, Vice President;
2007年~2010年,  Hina Group, Managing Director;
2010年 to now, Longpan Investment, Founder and Managing Partner.
Primary Business Conditions
During working at Chinese Ministry of Finance, I was mainly responsible for the formulation of state - owned - enterprises reform and tax policy, I was one of the major participants of Chinese 1994 tax reform. I once served as the Chief Financial Officer in Beat Technology, Putian Huixun and Golden Century and I was comprehensively in charge of the financial management, financing and merger and acquisition. I also worked for Hina Group as the managing director and I was responsible for investment and new fund building works. I founded Lapam Capital which has managed three medical funds and invested in tens of innovative excellent biological medical and medical apparatus and instruments enterprises.


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