Roadshow Companies

  • Medicilon   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Medicilon is one of the professional CRO in China, which provides one-stop integrated services including biology, chemistry and preclinical. Medicilon offers fully integrated pharmaceutical services for the global scientific community

  • Wuxi Nest Biotech Corp   classification:Device/IVD

    Wuxi Nest Biotech Corp. has focused on the life science consumables's development and manufacture for more than 10 years, acting as a leader in the Chinese market

  • Livzon Mabpharm   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Livzon Mabpharm is a biopharm focused on the development of biological medicines for global markets, with an emphasis on monoclonal antibodies and cellular therapies

  • HEC Pharma   classification:Pharma/Biotech

  • Nanox Biotech   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Nanox Biotech uses its tumor specific delivery nanocapsule system to re-make a series of blockbuster-potential therapeutics that big pharmas failed due to safety issues, in the areas of T -cell engaging bispecific antibodies, ADCs, and certain IO antibodies

  • Elpiscience   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Provide related technical advice and technical services for technical research and development in the fields of biomedicine and biotechnology and transfer of own technology achievements

  • Echo Biotech   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A company that is commited to the research and development of exosome scientific research and exosome molecular diagnostic products

  • Zhejiang inCarey Pharma   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Service-oriented e-commerce in drugs of chronic specific diseases, selling drugs and products of severe chronic specific diseases.Committed to providing customers with continuous, professional disease management services based on strong database management capabilities and professional pharmacist service team

  • Replicor   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Replicor develops a cure for Hepatitis B based on its Nucleic Acid Polymers (NAPs) technology. Clinical trials of its leading drug achieve functional cure result for most of the patients treated

  • Hitales   classification:Medical Service

    A medical health software development and medical information data integration service provider

  • PLEIADES ENT HOSPITAL   classification:Medical Service

    A high-end ENT private chain hospital

  • Seny Int   classification:Medical Service

    Leading provider of smart medical innovation solutions in China

  • MedSci Scientific Corporation   classification:Medical Service

    The business includes clinical research services, data management, medical statistics, clinical training, continuing education, and promotes professional development and medical intelligence of clinicians

  • SinoUnited Health Clinic   classification:Medical Service

    A leading chain institution in China focusing on high quality medical service

  • Genowis   classification:Device/IVD

    A precision medical big data company with multi-modal artificial intelligence

  • Rendu Biotechnology   classification:Device/IVD

    The first high-tech enterprise in China that focuses on RNA molecular diagnostic technology

  • Milliin   classification:Device/IVD

    Dedicated to creating a hemodialysis industry chain for devices and services

  • Golden Leaf Medtech Co., Ltd.   classification:Device/IVD

    A innovative high-tech company specialized in the minimally invasive cardiovascular and cerebrovascular intervention in high-end technology and equipment research and development, production and sales

  • Access Medical Systems   classification:Device/IVD

    Committed to providing high quality medical equipments in intensive care, obstetrics and gynecology, and is highly focused on cardiology, diabetes and vascular diagnostic equipments

  • Genext   classification:Device/IVD

    The only company in China that specializes in organ transplantation is to create a world-leading medical device and professional service company in the field of transplantation


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