Roadshow Companies

  • Healtech   classification:Device/IVD

    Provide research and development of clinical experiments and product registration solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device companies

  • Resverlogix Corp   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Canadian-listed biotechnology company, the core product is small molecule selective BET brominated domain inhibitors, through the epigenetic mechanism to stop the pathogenic genes to normalize gene function

  • Panacea Technology Co., Ltd.   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A contract research organization specializing in pharmaceutical R&D and clinical research, is dedicated to providing integrated solutions for clinical research and registration for chemical drugs and biological products

  • EK Pharma   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Focus on the research and development of the original research drug, and have the world's first highly selective anti-tumor drug screening platform and the world's leading inhaled liposome preparation platform

  • Ambrx, Inc.   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A biopharmaceutical company shoulders the mission of using extened genetic code to achieve breakthrough protein therapies

  • Anssure Pharma   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A leading company in China focusing on the advancing transfermal agent, integrating R&D, Production and sales

  • Liaoning Healcon Biopharmaceutical Co.,Ltd   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A high-tech company that is focused on unique drug innovations as a core technology platform for drug delivery system (DDS) drug development, production and sales

  • Jenomed Biotech   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A Sino-foreign joint venture focusing on biopharmaceutical R&D and services

  • Alphamab   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Committed to the development and production of macromolecular innovative drugs and biological analogs

  • Genfleet Pharma   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Focusing on the research and development of Class 1 new drugs, currently focusing on innovative anti-tumor drugs, with immunotherapy as the core, providing effective long-term treatment for patients with malignant tumors

  • Sanhome   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A national key high-tech enterprise integrating medical research, pharmaceutical production and marketing

  • AHZR   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Implants Series Leaders in the development of new anti-cancer drugs, integrating R&D, production and sales

  • Yene   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A global company focused on the development of innovative drugs for the central nervous system

  • Wenda   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A company engaged in the development of innovative tumor-targeting small molecule drugs

  • Zhishan Scientific   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A high-tech company that integrates rAAV gene drug technology services, R&D, technology transformation, product development, production and sales

  • Virogin Biotech   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A R&D company based on oncolytic viruses and tumor immunotherapy as the main research direction, and is also the global leader in oncolytic viruses

  • ExcelMab Biopharma   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A company that is dedicated to immune-oncology bispecific antibody drug discovery, with multiple bispecific antibody drug assembly platforms

  • iGeneTech   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    A provider Ranking 1st in gene capture technology, focused on providing reagents and services for product design and development for genetic testing agencies

  • Timmune   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Focus on the development, clinical transformation and global cooperation of world-class MAR and CAR-T technologies

  • Showby   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Committed to the R&D of chemical innovative drugs, mainly water-soluble platinum anti-tumor drugs and inhalation therapy drugs for respiratory diseases


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