Roadshow Companies

  • ANTERJIN   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Founded in 2012, Chengdu Antejin biotech is a vaccine R&D scale up lab with a full line of vaccine preclinical research equipment.

  • FORTUNE ROCK   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Fortune Rock is a biotech company, focused on Biological innovative drug development, such as HSA-GCSF, HSA-IFN and HSA-EPO, completing Phase II, Phase I and IND respectively.

  • ASIERIS   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    An international pharmaceutical company focusing on cancer treatment.

  • OMNI   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    Focused on innovative research in respiratory drugs, is a leader in respiratory medicine.

  • IMPACT   classification:Pharma/Biotech

    IMPACT is a biotech company, focused on DNA damage Best-in-class drugs R&D. Its core drug, PARP inhibitor will be in Phase II soon. IMPACT has been invested by many institutional investors, such as LAV and WuXi App Tec.


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